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Animal Birth Control (ABC) - Cats

Here's a short video tour of our newest cat shelter:

April 2006 - wonderful news: VSPCA is building a cat operation theatre. We have also sent our vets for advanced cat surgery training.

Catching dogs for ABC.

Our five vets:  Dr. Neeraj,  Ranjan,  Suresh, Srinivas and (missing from photo) Rajeshwar Ram.

See pictures and read of a wonderful experience in our cat house on VSPCA volunteer Abigail Cromwell’s blog.

We hope to start making a difference for the stray cats, community cats and owned cats as part of our "ABC for cats". Soon VSPCA will have a full fledged air conditioned operation theatre exclusively for cat spay/neuter surgeries. This project is necessary because of cats now coming out of their underground shell since the dog population has stabilised and gone down in the city. Nobody likes to hear the unneutered male cats fighting horribly mostly in the dead of night and they even fight to kill. Also many consider cats as a bad omen and their fighting sounds are even worse so there are complaints. Kittens with eyes just opened and those even with unopened eyes are a common sight in the many drains, dustbins and wayside thrown away by the humans. We rescue them all whenever we learn about their plight. We hope once the spay programmes begins the abandoned kitten problem will quickly lessen. We are grateful to Ms. Olive Walker for funding the construction making this dream come true. With your help we can can continue this program as this is the very beginning and we need your support in order to make a big difference.

Cat shelter

Our cat house for cats recuperating and for those who can't be released.  

Catching dogs for ABC.

Shastri and Suguna with cats Bunny and Chinny.

Cat shelter construction

New construction of exclusive cat operation theatre.

These kind people had a problem with their neighbors who would not allow the cats in the flats and they had no option but to hand them over to us. However, every week they come and play with their cats in our cattery and also with all the other cats. They have since been neutered. They have donated tubelights and other bulbs to lighten up all our hearts.

In many places of India cats are very unfortunately disliked and seen as pests. People have not gotten to know them as pets and while not really feral the poor cats often slink around in fear so they don't get a chance to be appreciated. Yet there are many cat lovers . It is only a matter of time that we will be flooded with cats for spay/neuter that are street, community and owned also. Please help us help them.

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June 2006 update - New cat surgery room up and running!

Cat Surgery