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VSPCA's Kindness Farm

The VSPCA Kindness Farm was officially declared open on the 7th January 2012 by Shri. Nosherwan Jehangir Trustee, Shri. H.M.S.S. Modi Benevolence Trust Fund.

Buffaloes, Cows, Bulls, calves and horses have begun their nervous but exciting journey from our overcrowded shelter/ refuge to the kindness farm.

Nervous frightened and apprehensive of another torrid jam-packed destination to slaughter places they were relived and overjoyed filled with satisfaction to be wandering freely in this place.

More would fellow very soon.

The Kindness Farm has come to light with Chief Patronage from Mr. Phil Wollen, Founder Winsome Kindness Constance Trust, Australia.

The Kindness Farm owes immensely to Dr. and Mrs.S.H.M. Modi Hormus House Benevolence Trust Fund for the development works.

And the Kindness Farm also immensely thankful to Help Animal India, USA, Olive Walker USA, and Jane Courtney USA and Mrs. Maneka Gandhi.


The main reason for the formation of VSPCA's Kindness Farm is to provide support to the present over crowded Animal Refuge. Over Crowded because VSPCA continues to remain the only animal hospital/ Refuge/ Rehabilitation Rescue Center in this region and arguably in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Brain child of Mr. Phil Wollen, WCKT the concept of Kindness Farm aims at providing a place for all kind of animals in distress, growing vegetables and fruits for the animals and the Employees, Growing Fodder, using the cattle to produce and Generate Electricity and Cooking gas, Tapping Solar Energy for Shelter Lanterns , providing Natural Pesticides, developing organically all produces. All these activities aim at providing Awareness, Education and building a relationship and inculcating for the future generations about the importance of veganism because of Kindness.

Right: Overcrowded and no place at our first shelter.

Present strategy to develop facilities for:

2011 Update

With the very kind benevolence of Dr. HMSS Modi Trust the Kindness Farm at Visakha gave shape to :

Plus the planting of fruits and tress that consists of Mangoes, Peepal, Guavas, Neem, Cherries, Banyan, Lichi, More Than 10,000 Varieties of flowers and creepers varieties, Water Apple, Lemon, Green Apple, Orange, Anjir, Silver Oakes, Goose Berrie,s Date Trees, Round Big Amala, Grapes, Sapotas, Jamun Tress, Kitnars, Rampalam, Coconut Trees, Tamarind Bees, Drum Sticks, Pomagranite, Papaya, Cashew Nuts, Bananas, Custard Apple, and Betel Nut.

About 300 Cows, Bulls, Buffaloes, and horses have been shifted it is wonderful and heartening to note the fresh freedom and the clean air that they enjoy.

Outlook for 2012 Phase 2

Aiming towards the objective of developing the Kindness Farm the second phase we propose to plan to setup:

– Pradeep Nath, founder, VSPCA