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After surgery

Special appeal to help VSPCA cows!

Tragically cows with plastic bags and other foreign objects in their stomachs face lingering painful death without their surgical removal. Typical "grazing" area for a street cow in India looks like this!

Cows grazing on trash

VSPCA has rescued hundreds of cows rescued from dire conditions who were destined to be slaughtered with rusty chain saws. Rescuing them involved great danger as some of our staff were attacked and badly injured in the fight to save them. Now these cows are in jeopardy of dying unless they have surgical procedures to remove these potentially lethal foreign objects.

Cows awaiting slaughter

The fee per cow will be $90 USD - which is very modest for this lengthy complex operation requiring a high degree of skill and, after removal post-operative care and medication. We have a special facility to do this operation (shown below right). We already waited too long to save our beloved bull named Amboothwe don't want this to happen again!

We struggle daily to continue giving good care to our 1,200 plus animals at our shelter plus our 24/7 availability to rescue sick or injured animals in our area. There are approximately 300 cows needing surgery and we are overwhelmed and desperate to save them all – this would be a sizeable strain on our already limited resources. Yet how can we stand by and watch these deserving creatures die slowly? Now they can have the opportunity for a beautiful future awaiting them to live out their lives peacefully at our new Kindness Farm.

We can save as many as your generosity will allow us as we have 300 cows that need this operation. Your donation will be generously matched by a very concerned member, meaning your donation for one cow will help two cows.

Will you help us save these cows? Please help us with any donation which will be used towards these life saving operations.


We have so far performed 16 surgeries based on donations received so far. If funding allows, we hope to do one per-week in the future. Please help us perform these life-saving surgeries!

Performing surgery After surgery
One of our cows during surgery. The same cow after surgery.
Buckets of plastic bags Contents of cow's stomach
This cow had over 30kg of plastic bags in her stomach. These plastic bags, iron mesh, stones, and sand are from cows grazing on the streets.