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Police Education and Cadet Training

In July 2009, VSPCA was invited by Superintendent of Police Mr. N. Sanjay to provide training in animal welfare to police cadets in several districts throughout Visakhapatnam.

View more photos of the VSPCA Police training camp here and download the full report here (PDF).

Police training camp

Right: Police cadets applauding about all they have learned at the VSPCA training camps, many new concepts of humane kindess towards animals were presented to them as well as learning about existing India animal welfare laws.

Some of the issues raised by those in attendance, and addressed by VSPCA:

Pradeep and Mr. N. Sanjay

Right: Pradeep Nath receiving the honorarium from the N. Sanjay, Principal of the Police Training College.

Excerpt from a letter from the Principal of the Police Training College, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh:

In present day society preservation of bio-diversity, ecological balance is dire necessity for the survival of human being as well as all other living creatures. Because of man’s reckless ambition, pollution of different kinds is pervading the globe causing global warming, short fall in rain and submerging of Islands posing a serious threat to the quality of living conditions. As a result some species have gradually become extinct and some species are on the verge of extinct. In this regard some organizations all over the world have taken up the cause of protection of environment in general and care and protection of animals in particular. One of them is VSPCA.

At all the centers a volunteer pledge was undertaken by the cadets to do their best possible under any circumstances to help to animals in distress and also try all possibilities to become vegetarian.