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Illegal animal sacrifice in India

Every year millions of animals meet their dark destiny in the name of religious ceremony; which is actually an insane practice by human beings.

For many years we are fighting against this monstrous cruelty which is violation of Andhra Pradesh Birds and Animals Sacrifice Act 1950, which states that sacrificing of any animal or bird for the purpose of any religious worship is illegal; under section 2, 3, 4, 5.

It is also illegal under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and also it’s violation under the Section 428 and 429 of Indian Penal Code.

Ayudha pooja (dussera), falling every year in the month of October is the biggest occasion of animal sacrifice, where thousands of animals are ‘murdered’ in the name of religion. January to April it is due to harvest season. And then there are many different kinds of "jataras" throughout the year. The list is endless. In the season of sacrifices, one can see bloods on the major sacrificing places of the city and in fact the whole State.

Recently on the occasion of Maha Shiv Ratri on 28-02-2014, hundreds of animals were brought for sacrifices at the Durgalamma Temple; which was countered by our team on the spot and we managed to save some of them. But on being told not to sacrifice, devotees take them to other safe place for sacrificing. Such is the ignorance and superstition in the mind of devotees; they consider sacrificing the utmost good to the God.

Here are some pictures depicting the Cruelty going on in the Temple. These animals are sacrificed in public and in front of the children.

Pigs slaughtering is even more cruel, they are hanged upside down and beaten to death. We rescued some piglets from these merciless practices but still there is so much to be done. 

Authorities are well aware of the issue but politics making it even more complicated as it is a sensitive religious case, but we have been representing it since many years and our team with the help of Andhra Pradesh Police Department is trying their best. We are always ready to take over the rescued animals to our shelter.

We also conducting extensive awareness information to the concerned temples but the sacrifices only increased and there is no implementation of the law. Unless and until a strict law for punishment against the animal sacrifices is not implemented, such disgraceful activities will keep on happening in the name of religion.

Our efforts have made an impact. However, avoiding the laws and rules the ignorant humans slaughter in their houses which are also illegal.

Every street has an idol symbolizing and acknowledging their psychiatric nature of mind. With the rise in human population, the beliefs and superstitions continuous which is pushing up the scale of animal sacrifices even in urban areas.